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Waivers and Releases
Desert Adventures

Your Responsibilities

Our primary concern is participant safety. The nature of outdoor adventure involves some physical exertion and exposure to weather conditions that can fluctuate greatly due to heat, sun, wind, or rain.

Although we do have experience accommodating persons with a wide range of physical challenges, disabilities, or medical and health conditions, we have found that in some people the fact of age, weight, lack of conditioning, heart or other disease, can create additional hardship that diminishes the suitability or enjoyment of this type of trip. Please consider these conditions, and check with your physician prior to your trip.

In general, participants will need to meet the following physical requirements:

  • Fit into a Type III Life Jacket (maximum chest size is 52)
        required by the National Park Service
  • Enough agility to lower yourself in and out of a kayak/canoe
  • Ability to navigate uneven terrain on hikes and in camp
  • Assist in carrying your own gear which includes your boat
  • Be within the recommended weight range for the activity

  • Our principle objective is an enjoyable and fulfilling experience. If you are concerned about any of these requirements, please call our friendly staff to further discuss which trip is right for you.

    Liability Release & Waiver

    Each participant 18 years of age or older must complete the appropriate "Assumption of Risk" and "Liability Release" forms before participating in any adventure.   Waivers will be attached to your confirmation emails, or you can fill one out upon arrival before your trip. Original signatures are required (no faxes or photocopies). Guests will not be allowed to participate in any activity without proper signatures. Minors 17 years of age or younger must have a parent or legal guardian complete the appropriate "Assumption of Risk" and "Liability Release" forms before participating in any adventure. Children will not be allowed to participate in any activity without a signature of parent or legal guardian.
    Photography Release

    Desert Adventures may use images of guests for display, promoting, and advertising the business. Photographs and images taken on trips offered by Desert Adventures are the property of Desert Adventures. We may occasionally, from time to time, use images of guests for marketing purposes, both print and media. Such marketing material includes, but is not limited to, brochures, posters, newsletters, magazine articles, radio advertisements, television, websites, blogs, and photo galleries. By participating in our adventures, you release Desert Adventures from any right in the image that you may claim through it.

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